12 January 2010

not faces???... what??... i know.

some recent stuff yeh yeh

i feel better when you're not around.

vulnerable heart

until its someone else
it'll be you

the cry behind my eyes
the choke in my throat

it's a pity you're such a poser

i'm using you

i can't wait till you wake up

some people talk too much.

oh kate.

i'm falling apart.

grow in my heart.

strong face.

when did you become such a slut?

paintings from the 'chin up' exhibition i did in Perth in 2008.
love painting big... they are all 120x 180cm.

from a heart space... into your darkness

selfish bitch (self portrait)


when you get so pretty it hurts.

i'm not me.

chin up.

these were also in the 'chin up' exhibition.

oh surprise... more faces

scribble in my face please

old face drawings... not of old people.